7 Most Used Front End Frameworks in 2020

Front-end development is crucial for any business application to succeed. You could have the most structured back-end programming strengthening your application, but front-end is what people see and mostly care about.

But new front-end technologies are being introduced faster than ever and it is easy to get overwhelmed just by the sheer number of technologies available.

So we have rounded up the best front-end development tools and technologies for you to look out for in 2020.


The library is maintained and supported by the social media giant Facebook.

React code is divided into multiple components to promote code reusability and fast debugging. React-based applications are highly responsive and SEO friendly. Data binding also ensures reliable code structure and seamless pattern


In October 2019, Angular released its 8th version and Angular 9 is expected to launch May 2020. It has 56.6K stars on Github with a huge community of Angular Developers for support.


The framework is maintained by its creator Evan You and a team composed of members from companies such as Netguru and Netlify. Vue.js uses the MVVM architecture, and is very lightweight and easy to implement. Some websites and applications built with Vue.js include 9gag, Nintendo, GitLab, Behance,


Because of its existence for many years, this solution has a considerable jQuery community. And DOM to optimize the functionality and interactivity of the website.






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